Acts of Assembly - The bound volume (book) of all Chapters (bills) passed in a given legislative session year.

Act of Assembly Chapter - A House or Senate bill that passes a session. It is assigned a Chapter number, in consecutive order, by time of passage, for that session year.

Annotation - a comment, explanation, presentational markup, often refers to a specific part of the original data. Annotations are only found in the bound volume of the Code of Virginia.

Code Commission - A permanent commission of the legislative branch, annually supervising the codification of the statutes after each session of the General Assembly and compiling and codifying all of the administrative regulations of state agencies into the Virginia Administrative Code.

Code of Virginia Article - Each Code Chapter within a Title has sections. Sections can be grouped together in ranges of sections which are called Articles. i.e., Article 1 of Chapter 6 of Title 18.2

Code of Virginia Chapter - Each Code Title is divided by subject area into Chapters, each Title has very different numbers of Chapters.

Code of Virginia Title - Code titles are first level of organization for the Code of Virginia. The Code of Virginia is organized into 76 titles, numbered from Title 1 to Title 67

Not Set Out - Code sections not of such a general and permanent nature as to warrant inclusion in the Code.

Popular Name - A chapter name within a code title that is actually describing an Act of Assembly, for example, the "Condominium Act."