What is the Virginia Administrative Code?

The Virginia Administrative Code is the compilation of permanent regulations for the Commonwealth of Virginia that have the force of law. The text of the original regulation is updated with later additions to or deletions from the original regulation to keep it current. The Virginia Administrative Code contains the permanent regulations for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Regulations have the force of law and are written and administered by state agencies as authorized by the General Assembly. The Virginia Administrative Code online is updated daily.

What are Administrative Code Titles?

Code Titles are the first level of organization for the Administrative Code. They are organized alphabetically by subject and numbered sequentially. Titles are numbered from Title 1 to Title 24. Each title contains the agencies that create the regulations and the regulations are contained in chapters and those chapters contain sections.

What does a label, for example, 4VAC5-30-10 mean?

Regulations are labeled with the Title number first, followed by the letters VAC, to indicate that this is a Virginia Administrative Code reference.
For example, the regulation labeled as 4VAC5-30-10 gives us the following information:
4 (Title) -- Conservation and Natural Resources
5 (Agency) -- Department of Conservation and Recreation
30 (Chapter) -- Virginia State Parks Regulations
10 (Section) -- Definition of terms

How can I find a section of the Administrative Code if I don't know the Title, Agency, Chapter or section number?

Go to the Administrative Code, http://law.lis.virginia.gov/admincode. Use the search feature to search by subject or key word.

Are the regulations in the Administrative Code up to date?

The Virginia Administrative Code (VAC) updates daily so regulations that become effective today are included.

What are emergency regulations?

Regulations promulgated in emergency situations, after consultation with the Attorney General and approval of the Governor, are called "emergency regulations." Agencies may also adopt an emergency regulation when Virginia statutory law or the appropriation act or federal law or federal regulation requires that a regulation be effective in 280 days or less from its enactment. Emergency regulations are temporary in nature and may be effective for only 12 months (this timeframe changes to 18 months beginning July 1, 2013) unless extended by the Governor for an additional six months. Because of their temporary nature, emergency regulations are not included in VAC, but can be viewed by clicking Emergency Regulations within two business days of the effective date.

How do I find an older version of a regulation?

The Virginia Code Commission, through the Registrar's office, publishes the Virginia Register of Regulations, http://register.dls.virginia.gov/. Contact the State Registrar's office for information and assistance with older regulations at (804) 786-3591, x261.

How can I find regulations for a specific agency, for example, the Department of Health?

In the Administrative Code, on the left there is a link that says View by Agency. Agencies are set out in alphabetical categories so to find the Department of Health, for example, look under the category labeled H, Health, Department of