What is a Legislative Liaison?

A Legislative Liaison, or Liaison Contact, is the designated spokesperson or information officer for each department, agency, board, or commission of state government.  Such officers or designated alternates shall (i) serve as legislative liaison between any such department, agency, board, or commission and the General Assembly, (ii) act as the official spokesperson representing such department, agency, board, or commission, and (iii) be at all times available to assist members of the General Assembly in seeking solutions to problems of citizens of the Commonwealth.

What is the Liaison Manual?

The Liaison Manual is an annual publication published in January of each  year listing the contact information for designated spokespersons or information officers in each department, agency, board, or commission of state government.  General Assembly members direct inquiries to these contacts to assist with the legislative process.

Who is responsible for the Liaison Manual?

The Division of Legislative Automated Systems is charged with oversight of the Liaison Manual, which is publicly available as an online application and as a print publication. The Information Processing Specialist position is charged with the responsibility of managing and updating liaison data. Send Liaison Contact updates to liaisons@dlas.virginia.gov. 

When is the Liaison Manual produced?

The print publication is produced annually. Every four years, after a gubernatorial election, the Liaison Manual is published twice; once at the beginning of the legislative session and then again at the end. This is intended to reflect the Governor’s Secretary and agency head appointments during that time. During the print publication interim, the online database will reflect any changes to the Liaison Manual contact information.