Legislative Liaisons Portal Overview

The Legislative Liaisons Portal is a responsive Website designed for desktop and mobile users. It contains contact information for State agencies and their designated Liaison Contacts so that General Assembly members can properly direct inquiries to assist with the legislative process.

State Agencies

State governmental agencies are listed on the site, along with the address and telephone number for the agency headquarters. The Website button links you to the agency Website, and the Get Directions button provides a link to Google Maps™ that pinpoints the agency headquarters. The Agency Details button provides a summary view of the information that the site contains for a particular agency.

Liaison Contacts

A Legislative Liaison, or Liaison Contact, is the designated spokesperson or information officer for each department, agency, board, or commission of state government. Such officers or designated alternates shall (i) serve as legislative liaison between any such department, agency, board, or commission and the General Assembly, (ii) act as the official spokesperson representing such department, agency, board, or commission, and (iii) be at all times available to assist members of the General Assembly in seeking solutions to problems of citizens of the Commonwealth. This site lists all contacts alphabetically and offers a lookup box to locate a specific contact.

Liaison Manual

The Liaison Manual is an annual publication published in January of each year listing the contact information for designated spokespersons or information officers in each department, agency, board, or commission of state government. General Assembly members direct inquiries to these contacts to assist with the legislative process.


  1. List of State Agencies and corresponding contact details.
  2. List of all principal and alternate contacts assigned by each agency.
  3. Link to the currently published Liaison Manual PDF document.
  4. Lookup box to locate a particular agency or contact.
  5. Previous and Next navigation to easily access agencies and contacts stored in the database.
  6. Pagination controls to customize how many records appear on a page and to move through pages.