What is a Report to the General Assembly?

Any report required or requested by law or resolution to be submitted to the General Assembly.  A Report to the General Assembly is defined as either a legislative study requested by the House of Delegates (House Document) or Senate of Virginia (Senate Document), or is a recurring report and is defined as a Report Document.

Who oversees the Reports to the General Assembly?

The Division of Legislative Automated Systems (DLAS) is charged with oversight of Reports to the General Assembly.  Reports are available to the public through the Reports to the General Assembly Portal and are provided in text and PDF formats, or are linked to another state agency. 

Where can I get a print copy of a Report to the General Assembly?

House and Senate Documents are available on a print-demand basis from the DLAS Bill Room, located in the First Floor of the Pocahontas Building.  Report Documents may be downloaded and printed by individual citizens.