The Reports to the General Assembly Portal is the online home for all of the reports requested by the General Assembly. The General Assembly requests reports to stay informed on issues critical to the governance of the Commonwealth. This site contains the full reports, as well as report summaries that describe the information contained in the report. 

Reports are numbered by year, starting from 1.  There is a two-letter code preceding the number that indicates document type:  RD for Report Document, HD for House Document  or SD for Senate Document.

In addition to the Report number and title, you will see metadata about the report. This information includes the year that the report was published and the authoring entity. You will also see an Enabling Authority link that indicates why the report is required.  Enabling Authority links are available to legislation enacted beginning in 1994.  Links to Code of Virginia sections that have been repealed or re-codified are not available, nor are links available to Letter Requests.

All Reports are grouped by status. Published reports have been submitted, Pending reports are awaiting receipt and publication, and Overdue reports are late.

Searching now includes PDF report content, and the portal display automatically adjusts to any desktop or mobile device.


  1. Keyword search.
  2. Filter List of Published Reports by Year or Authoring Agency.
  3. Filter Reports by status: Pending, Overdue, or Published.
  4. Report Summary page that includes Document Number and Title, Author, Enabling Authority, and Executive Summary.  Pending and Overdue Reports list the Due Date.
  5. Full PDF, text, or linked report documents.
  6. Public registration for notification when any report is published or becomes overdue.