The Reports to the General Assembly Portal features a sidebar that lets you view reports by status - Pending, Published, Overdue. Simply click a status to view a list of reports that match your selection. The sidebar navigation element you select will be marked by a dot.

By default, the Published category shows all reports that have been published during the current year.  You can use the Show filter to control how many reports appear on a single page. The pagination controls at the top of the list let you move from page to page. Since the List page can get rather lengthy, there is a Back to Top arrow that appears in the lower left corner of the page, once you scroll down. Click this arrow to return to the top of the List page.

If you click on the Published Report Title or the Report Summary button, you will see the Report Summary page for the report.

You can click the Report button from the List page or from the Report Summary page to view the report. The Report button indicates the format of the report - PDF, Text or Linked. Linked Reports are served from outside of the Reports Portal.